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Thank  you very much for using Phronesisbooking.com. Our Company is based in South Africa. The Services we Offer are subject to the following Terms of Service and Conditions which we may update periodically without notice.
Privacy & Security
Phronesisbooking,com makes sure that every transaction done through the site is very secure and in a safe environment. Phronesisbooking site is protected by technology called Secure Socket Layer a technology by VeriSign, the leaders in encryption technology .The process of encryption takes your credit card and information and converts it into bits of code that are securely transmitted over the internet..
Description of & Services
Phronesis.com allows customers which might be guest customers or Registered customers to book hotel accommodation online .Hotel reservations request made via the online reservation system will be transmitted to the appropriate hotel property by phronesisbooking.com. The use of Phronesis Booking site is free of charge, unless or otherwise stated. In order to use Phronesis Booking, the user must have access to the World Wide Web. .
User Registration Obligation
For the use of Phronesis Booking service, the user agrees to
  1.  Provide accurate information and data and a complete personal information as required on the registration form
  2.  Update the information in order to maintain its accuracy and validity. If the user provides information that is found to be offensive, inaccurate Phronesis Booking has the right to terminate the account.
All the cancellations should be held via the user’s account and if possible email cancellations@phronesisbooking.com Prices displayed on the site are inclusive of taxes unless or otherwise mentioned on the receipt.
Rooms and Prices
All the rooms prices are provided by the hotels, Prices provided are for the entire stay of the period booked through the site. All hotels photos and images are supplied by the hotel.
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