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Hotel Partner Program

Phronesisbooking.com is one of the market leaders in online hotel bookings and hotel promotion. Founded in 2013, phronesisbooking.com offers a wide variety of accommodation worldwide from 1 to 5 star luxury hotels, bed & breakfasts, vacation rentals, villas and much more. Signing up with phronesisbooking.com will allow you to:

  • Maximize the occupancy of your rooms
  • Get the most revenue out of your room rates
  • Use our commission-based model (no cure, no pay)

Adding your hotel to Phronesisbooking.com is completely free. The only costs are commissions on effective room sales through bookings made on Phronesisbooking.com. Bookings are guaranteed by the credit card of the guest. The card is not charged at the time of booking and your guests will pay directly at your accommodation.

  • No entry fee, no sign-up or set-up costs!
  • Guests pay directly at your accommodation

Have your hotel marketed on our network with general information, pictures and map information. Phronesisbooking.com publishes your hotel information in all major languages. This dramatically increases your visibility online to customers worldwide. Our customer care team is able to assist customers and hoteliers in English,Afrikaans, Dutch, Spanish, Italian and French etc

  • Choose your preferred language (multilingual content)
  • Worldwide recognition and exposure
  • Easy to use interface

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